About the Organization

Our Purpose

The Jr. Earthkeepers is a club dedicated to inspiring young people to take action and protect the planet. We are a co-op which allows each member to take initiative and be a leader in the movement. We believe in the big difference that little changes can make in protecting our Earth. All of our members have committed to living by the values of the Jr. Earthkeepers and leading their lives in a way that loves and protects the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

The Jr. Earthkeepers Pledge

As a Jr. Earthkeeper, I promise to take care of our Earth by seeing, respecting, and sharing the beauty of this planet. I will remember all the little things I can do to help our environment. I will treat all the inhabitants of our world equally and kindly and do all I can to make our Earth a clean safe place for all.

Keeping in Lily's Spirit

The Jr. Earthkeepers began in memory of Lily Gail Jacob. The organization was inspired by her life and we are dedicated to honoring her spirit. Lily stood up for what was right and passionately advocated for protecting the environment. Her spirit continues to guide our organization and we honor her in each thing we do.

Check out this documentary by Veronica Hoover about our organization and our annual cookie exchange!