Jr. Earthkeepers

Keeping in Lily's Spirit

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Our Purpose

The Jr. Earthkeepers began in the fall of 2013 shortly after the death of our dear friend Lily Gail Jacob. Lily was a passionate advocate for the environment and we began the club in her honor. The Jr. Earthkeepers are dedicated to inspiring young people to take action and protect the planet. We are a co-op which allows each member to take initiative and be a leader in the movement. We believe in the big difference that little changes can make in protecting our Earth. All of our members have committed to living by the values of the Jr. Earthkeepers and leading their lives in a way that loves and protects the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Each Jr. Earthkeeper takes a pledge to live by these values and be conscientious of the Earth in their everyday lives.

Our Events

The Jr. Earthkeepers hold numerous events each year to put our pledge into action. Though the focus of the organization is to encourage people to live their daily lives with the protection of the Earth in mind, holding events is a fun way to take action. Since the organization is a co-op, any member of our group can organize an event when they choose. This empowers all our members and allows for each individual to be creative and become a leader in the environmental movement.

Please check out the exciting new environmental science camp curriculum for elementary school children created by one of our members. The link to her curriculum is

For more information, see the current events page.